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This Day in History: The Panama Canal

This Day in History: The Panama Canal

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When, after 85 years, the U.S. turned over the Panama Canal to the government of Panama, an era ended in U.S./ Latin American affairs. This short film outlines this fascinating chapter of history, from the leasing of the land by Teddy Roosevelt for $10,000, to the ill-fated attempt by De Lesseps who engineered the Suez Canal, to the conquest of malaria, and the ten years of back-breaking work to complete the canal by a crew of 24,000. The colony on the 230,000 acres on either side of the majestic waterway had its own governor, police force and stores. The American withdrawal signaled the biggest transfer of real estate in the hemisphere. It was to affect the lives of American servicemen and their families, many of whom had become accustomed to the comforts of life there. Most Panamanians were happy to see the Americans leave, though some were concerned that their stabilizing influence would be missed. The School of Assassins, of which Manuel Noriega was a graduate, is being turned into a five-star hotel by a Hong Kong multinational hotel. Here is a concise report on a dramatic event which will have repercussions in Latin America for years to come.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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